Hiyas ng Pilipinas Foundation Incorporated

About Us

Hiyas ng Pilipinas Foundation Incorporated is a national organization dedicated to spreading the beauty, culture, and humanity of the Filipino people to the world. The foundation is geared toward helping the less privileged citizens of the Philippines through the proceeds of the Hiyas ng Pilipinas National Pageant and its partners and sponsors.

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas competitions are conducted annually, with candidates from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It is a competition that showcases beauty in all aspects of humanity—physique and character. The candidates of Hiyas ng Pilipinas are model citizens of the country who uphold the values of community and gracefulness.














Our Vision

To Support the Disadvantaged Citizens of the Philippines and the World

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas Foundation Incorporated extends a helping hand to the destitute communities in the country. It provides goods and services for free during its outreach programs. These goods include, but are not limited to, relief supplies and other necessities. The services offered to the community include the giving of educational scholarships to exceptional young Filipinos whose families are not equipped to send them to prominent schools.

To Establish Model Citizens Through the Hiyas ng Pilipinas Pageant

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas candidates stand out as model citizens who advocate a model community that aids those who are in need.

Our Mission

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas Foundation will conduct regular outreach programs across the regions in the Philippines to provide disadvantaged citizens with necessities in their time of scarcity.

Additionally, the foundation will empower the youth through the provision of quality tertiary education for bright young people whose families cannot provide them with educational support.

The foundation further promotes societal change through the platform of a national pageant organized and performed annually on the national and international stage.

Our Core Values

Our Advocacy

Educating the Youth

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas Scholarship Program is a national educational project that screens students whose families do not have the capability to provide them with a quality education. The program houses and sponsors the entire college education of these students in prestigious universities in the country to help them become successful leaders and members of society.