Hiyas ng Pilipinas Affiliates

Hiyas ng Pilipinas is a prestigious national annual pageant that draws candidates from across the Philippines, including Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Established to honor the beauty and grace of the Filipino people, the name 'Hiyas' translates to "gem" in English. The pageant goes beyond showcasing physical beauty; it promotes character, passion, and a strong sense of community through its yearly charitable initiatives, led by the winners of the competition.

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas pageant features candidates who are model citizens of their municipalities. These talented young women embody the values of community and gracefulness, wearing them as a crown of honor in all aspects of their lives.


Michael Cris Traya Sordilla, commonly known as Mike Sordilla, serves as the current chairman of the Hiyas ng Pilipinas organization. A distinguished judge for numerous local and national pageants, Mike Sordilla is also a respected philanthropist, businessman, and socialite. Under his leadership, the organization has reached new heights, establishing itself as one of the most anticipated and celebrated pageant competitions in the country.

The Hiyas ng Pilipinas organization continues to thrive by promoting Filipino beauty, charitable efforts, and a strong community spirit. This annual event not only highlights the elegance and talent of its candidates but also emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.