Official Party Place Venue Partner!

Hiyas ng Pilipinas is delighted to announce a fantastic new partnership with none other than Club Tipsy Cebu!

We're joining forces with one of Cebu's freshest, classiest, high-end, yet wonderfully affordable party destinations as our Official Party Place Venue Partner!

The signing ceremony was a memorable moment, featuring the presence of our CEO and Chairman, Mr. Mike Sordilla, alongside the owner of Club Tipsy Cebu, Ms.Jen Sakuragi (Insta: @sakuragijen_0612).
Witnessing this incredible union were none other than Mr. Bryan Navales Tarosa, our Communications Director at Hiyas ng Pilipinas, Ms. Janna Fernan, and Mr. MJ Manayon.

Together, we're going to create unforgettable memories and celebrations! Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we embark on this incredible journey together.

#HiyasNgPilipinas X #ClubTipsyCebu